How to Sing from Your Diaphragm Properly

How to Sing from Your Diaphragm Properly

Learn how to sing from your diaphragm properly with this simple exercise!

We will start by doing an exercise to make sure you are taking a diaphragmatic breath properly. Then we will combine it with a sound which I call “the cry” so that you can SING from your diaphragm properly. We will then apply that knowledge to a song.

The step of combining diaphragmatic breathing with sound is very important and what is missing from a lot of instruction on singing from the diaphragm. The diaphragmatic breathing exercises MUST be worked in the context of sound to get the full benefit of it as a singer. Just doing silent breathing exercises only helps to a certain point, because it doesn’t teach you how to coordinate the movement with sound. The cry helps to ensure that you not only keep the throat relaxed, but also helps you to find cord closure simultaneously.

To learn more about breathing for singing, click here.

Below is supplemental information if you were having trouble getting your back and sides to expand in the original exercise.

If you are still needing more help with either the cry or singing from your diaphragm, sign up for a Skype singing lesson in which we can work one-on-one on your personal issues.


by | Abia Reply

Great teaching!

    by | Marnell Sample Reply

    Thank you!

by | Nyron porter aka essential vibes EV Reply

Hey marnell, great job, I think you are the most effective teacher on YouTube. you bring singing to talking and things that people can relate to in there day to day life.

    by | Marnell Sample Reply

    Thanks! I try to take a very holistic approach to all of this so you can essentially practice “singing” all day long. 🙂

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