How to get rid of your vocal break (for guys)

The Vocal Break
Training Intensive

For guys

Eliminate your break within 5 weeks!

Do you sound like this
when you sing?

The above clip was from my very first voice lesson. So you’re essentially hearing me with zero training and no technique.

That day, I sang the highest I had ever done before in full voice, the C#4! That’s the C# that’s right next to middle C to be clear.

And that was the extent of my range. I was not pleased to say the least.

If I tried to sing any higher than that, my voice would just crack and flip as you heard in the clip.

The idea of singing high in full voice without flipping seemed like an impossibility to me.

I was certain high notes were only possible for people born with naturally high voices.

If you’re anything like most of us guys, you’re probably experiencing something similar. You feel like you are doomed to be a low voice forever, and any attempt at even remotely high singing (like a middle C) just results in cracking and flipping.

It’s a terrible feeling of powerlessness knowing that there is this part of your range that you have no control over whatsoever. You are 100% at its mercy. It leaves you feeling so anxious and nervous every time you feel you’re getting close to your break.

It truly makes singing a miserable experience and takes all the fun out of singing your favorite songs.

Well, here’s the good news

It turned out I was wrong about being doomed to be a low voice forever!

By means of many years of intense experimentation, studying, and a hint of luck, I figured out how to eliminate my break for good, and achieve all of those high notes that seemed only like a distant dream to me before.

This is what I sound like now:

That pesky break is gone as well as the feelings of anxiety and worry that accompanied it!

What’s more is I’ve been able to consistently replicate these results with others!

Keep reading to learn how.

Your current (unsuccessful) strategies for dealing with the break

So let’s first talk about some of the strategies you have tried in the past for dealing with your break.

For people in our situation, most of these strategies are less than ideal — they are essentially mistakes for us! I know firsthand because I made all of these mistakes myself, as well as watched other guys struggling with these same mistakes for years.

Unsuccessful Strategy #1:

Avoid the vocal break

With this approach, you do whatever you can to avoid the break. You sing songs down an octave, or transpose them down until the highest notes don’t go beyond the break.

While not as fulfilling as actually being able to sing the song in the key of your favorite artist, it IS a viable workaround.

That said, you soon come to realize the limitations of such an approach.

Some songs cover so much range, to the point where if you lower the key, you can’t sing the low notes anymore!

Then on top of that, with certain songs, if you lower the key too much, it begins to sound lifeless.

So, we have to find a better approach.

Unsuccessful Strategy #2:

Take your chest voice as high as it will go

The good old pull chest voice approach. Now while this DOES indeed get you a couple of notes beyond your break, you feel like you’re literally running into a ceiling – there is no way you can keep going higher like this!

On top of that, it leaves your throat feeling strained.

There has to be a better way…

Unsuccessful Strategy #3:

Smooth out your break by singing very lightly

With this approach, you sing as softly as you can until you hear no more break in your voice.

This creates a very smooth transition into your upper range and does get rid of your break.

But there is one problem…

You can’t do it at a medium or loud volume without breaking and flipping!

There is no way you can sing an actual song using this super soft, whisper-like volume.

Unsuccessful Strategy #4:

Strengthen your head voice and mix

We come to do some searching online and learn about head voice.

Our first entrance into the world of head voice is awesome! No more strain on the throat and we can go way higher! It’s very weak at first, but they say all you have to do is let it grow stronger over time until it becomes stronger than the chest voice.

Seems simple enough!

So then you work on head voice for a year. And while it does get stronger, it is not stronger than your chest voice and surely doesn’t SOUND anything like your chest!

So you start working on the mixed voice in order to get a “chest-like” sound without the weight of the chest voice.

Sounds good!

Except when people like us try it, we can’t find this elusive in between spot. It’s either chest voice or head voice for us!

Even sometimes after practicing for months or years, even with a teacher, a mix that sounds just like your chest voice still eludes you.

The real solution to the vocal break

So everything else you’ve tried up until this point has not worked.

It didn’t work for me either. I could only sing up to a C#4 without breaking!

Over the years however, between working on my own voice and working with many other guys’ voices, I’ve come to learn the keys that eliminate the vocal break for good.

1. Fully develop your chest voice

I know this might seem a bit counterintuitive since guys like us feel dragged down into our low range, but our chest voices are normally underdeveloped. This has been the case for myself as well as many guys I’ve worked with.

When the chest voice is underdeveloped, your mix cannot come in correctly. The fact is, there is nothing secure for you to mix from!

When your chest voice is properly developed, you should be able to sing to AT LEAST an F4 with no problem.

If you’re getting stuck below that point, it means you haven’t fully realized the potential of your chest voice.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “When I’ve tried to take your chest voice up in the past, I just ended up straining. So how could this possibly be?”

Well, that’s because development of the chest voice is only one part of the equation. You need these other pieces in place to avoid tension.

2. Strengthen your breath support/body connection

Those of us who experience that dreaded vocal break are often singing too lightly. This just aids to further weaken your breath support, or “body connection” as I call it.

If your body connection is underdeveloped, the second you try to use more of your chest voice, you will strain! There is nothing to ground your voice!

With proper breath support, you are redirecting tension away from the throat and into the lower abs, which can handle it.

3. Get rid of jaw tension

Jaw tension is the other major culprit of straining when trying to use your chest voice.

Almost every person I’ve seen who strains when trying to sing in chest voice also tenses their jaw!

Once the jaw learns how to stay relaxed, a huge degree of vocal strain goes away.

“I should be able to fix this myself…”

I know you’re thinking this seems simple enough to fix on your own.

You’re probably getting ready to head over to YouTube or Google to look up some information on how to do those 3 things. But let me be the first to tell you:

You will not find the proper information online!

I’ve been utilizing online resources for singing since the year 2000 in an attempt to figure out my own voice. Like you, I’ve used most of the major singing programs; seen all the web sites and video tutorials; participated in many live streams; etc. Despite access to all that information, my break was still there for years!

As much as 75% of the information about singing you find online is misinformation, especially regarding the male voice! This information is often picked up via hearsay without actually testing it in the real world to see if it actually works for the average person.

The other 25% of information you encounter actually has substance. However, one of the following normally happens:

  1. You’re only given a little tip that’s one small piece of the puzzle. Without all the pieces, you will not solve the puzzle correctly.

  2. The information is explained in either a highly symbolic, esoteric way or a very technical, scientific way. In both scenarios, you can’t make any real sense of the information, so it’s just useless.

  3. You understand the explanation and try the exercises, but unknowingly end up doing them wrong. Since you’re working alone, there is no way of telling whether or not you’re doing the exercises correctly. Oftentimes, you will discover months or even years later that you had been doing the exercises incorrectly all along.

These are problems you will run into not just online, but also with teachers face-to-face.

I’ve trained with 7 different teachers face-to-face. Out of all of them, only 2 truly understood how the vocal mechanism works. Despite that, they couldn’t explain things in a way that resonated with me. They didn’t understand the sensations I was feeling and how I perceived the sound of my own voice.

I had to continue to piece together what both teachers said as well as do a TON of personal experimentation to find a complete picture.


Marnell gave me the confidence to use my voice fearlessly!

“Before I met Marnell, I had spent several years in vain trying to learn to sing. My voice was almost dead due to incorrect singing techniques I picked up from videos on YouTube. I was struggling to sing even a B3, and my throat would hurt after just singing for 10 minutes!

But then I had a lesson with Marnell and all that changed. Although I was skeptical at first, I decided to give him a shot. I still can’t believe I trusted him, but I’m so happy I did. He did much more than just erase my break — he gave me the confidence to use my voice fearlessly. I am no longer afraid of hurting myself when I sing!”

—Alex B.

So what should you do?

I know how hard it is to find good information online these days. It’s even harder to know how to piece it together properly to form a complete picture.

Therefore, I have taken everything that I have learned over the years and put it together into a 5-week program called:

The Vocal Break
Training Intensive
(For Guys)

In this course, I will show you how to:

Doing exercises correctly largely determines your success. This training intensive will feature 5 comprehensive, one-on-one Skype lessons.

These individualized lessons will ensure you are practicing correctly. I will develop a custom-tailored plan specific to your needs. You will find this is significantly better than trying to piecemeal random tips from the internet.

Each private Skype sessions will be recorded. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting something important that was said.

What you have to do to be successful with this program

There are just two simple requirements to guarantee your success. If you follow through with each of them, you will sing through your break within 5 weeks.

  1. Practice for 1 hour a day, at least 5 days a week.

    This is where the real magic of the program happens — when you’re practicing.

    While it is not necessary to practice everyday (although you’re welcome to), you only have to practice 5 days out of the week. And the good news is that it’s even easier than it sounds, because the one-on-one lesson counts as a practice session, so you technically only have to practice on your own 4 times per week.

    You must practice to build these habits into your nervous system properly. Practice sessions will also show you where you have gaps in your understanding, as well as where you need more work on coordination.

    If you don’t practice, then there will be nothing for us to continue addressing in the lesson, and you will not achieve your results. So it’s best to make sure you have 5 weeks set aside where you can really focus in on this program the way you need to.

  2. Follow the program through as written.

    With so much information on the net, I know it can be extremely tempting to try to take the program I give you and add in bits and pieces from other programs. I can tell you with certainty this will not work.

    I have seen too many singers try to supplement my custom program with other things they find on the net, only to slow down their own progress. You choose a custom plan for a reason — so it takes the guess work out of what you need and don’t need for your voice.

    It is fine, however, to resume other courses once you finish this 5 week program. As a matter of fact, the work you do in this program will give you a great foundation for any work you do in other courses.

    So if you can contain the urge to practice outside material for just 5 weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised with your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Skype lessons actually work?

Skype lessons are quite effective. I have been doing them for 5 years now, and was even doing phone lessons prior to that. The audio quality is sufficient enough for me to hear everything you’re doing and make the necessary adjustments. Most of my students have experienced excellent results using Skype. Listen to what my student, Joshua Keel, has to say about Skype lessons.

I have a very low voice. Will this work for me?

This works equally well for those who have low voices like a bass, as well as those who have lighter voices, but still struggle with their break.

Will this help me sing my favorite songs?

Yes, if the songs stay within the range of F4. This program is designed with scales that will replicate many of the patterns you commonly see in songs. Furthermore, these scales are designed to expose any weak points in the range of your break. It gives your break nowhere to hide! This leaves you well prepared for singing songs.

In order to sing songs that go beyond the F4, further study will be necessary.

I want to sing higher than F4. Can this program help?

While this program specifically focuses on addressing the break up to the F4, in order to accomplish that goal, we will be singing beyond F4 at times. So you will get some exercise in the range above F4.

That said, even though the range beyond F4 is not our specific focus, your work in this program will give you a solid foundation for continuing to explore the rest of your range.

I’m very busy. Can I complete this program in 10 weeks instead of 5?

No. This program requires you to complete it within 5 weeks to eliminate your break. Taking longer than 5 weeks allows too many unwanted habits to creep in, and thus dilutes your efforts. Remember, this is a training intensive. It requires your focus and dedication for the full 5 weeks, which in the grand scheme of things is not very long. I’m sure you’ve already been dealing with your break for years, so 5 weeks is nothing.

Is The Vocal Break Training Intensive right for me?

The Vocal Break Training Intensive is unlike any other program on the market. Using a proven system that I have personally tested on average male singers, I will show you how to get rid of your break for good in just 5 weeks. Not years. Not months. Just 5 weeks. With private lessons and a custom-tailored plan to boot. So please read the following to make sure this program is right for you:

The Vocal Break Training Intensive is NOT for you if:

  • You cannot sing in tune. Much of the work we do in this course is pitch specific. You must be able to sing in tune first.
  • You have pre-existing vocal damage. This program deals with the break in those who have normal voices. If you have a break and pre-existing vocal damage, please contact me.
  • You don’t have the time to practice. Your success in this program largely depends on consistent practice patterns over the course of 5-weeks. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to practicing, you will not do well.
  • You’re breaking above the F4. This program caters specifically to guys breaking up to the F4. If you’re breaking beyond the F4, you have a different set of needs than what this program covers.

The Vocal Break Training Intensive IS for you if:

  • Your voice breaks when going up to the F4.
  • You have a low voice and struggle to sing high.
  • You strain when you try to sing high in your chest voice.
  • You feel stuck and hit a ceiling when you try to sing in your chest voice.
  • You have trouble singing with volume in the range of your break.
  • You cannot consistently sing through your break.
  • You can only sing through your break very softly.
  • You struggle to sing even simple songs that only go up to the C4.
  • You have been trying lots of different methods and teachers to get rid of your break, but none have worked.
  • You have been struggling with your break for years.
  • You feel that you can’t express yourself freely due to your break.
  • You are committed to improving yourself as a singer, and willing to invest the time necessary to complete this 5-week program.

My course is not for everyone. It will require focus, dedication, and practice on your behalf. Those who think they can just go through the course practicing only once or twice a week will not benefit. Those who are willing to gather themselves and put in required time will experience incredible results. See the changes others have experienced:


Range increased from D4 to C5

“Before starting with Marnell, I could barely sing beyond a D4. After just a few sessions with him, I was vocalizing up to a G4, and within 10 lessons, up to the C5. These notes were only a dream for me before. I went from singing only low baritone roles to using “Live in Living Color” for my auditions. It feels so great to know that I don’t have to shy away from my high range now.”

—Greg B.


Singing through my break with more power than ever

“I’ve used just about every self-study program, as well as studied with several coaches. Despite that, I still struggled with consistency and power in my voice. Marnell has helped me in these areas tremendously. He was the first teacher who ever got me to really support properly, feeling a strong connection deep into the body. This allowed me to sing through my break area with more power than I’ve ever felt before!”

—Adam M.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Try The Vocal Break Training Intensive for 7 days,
100% risk free

Try out the program for 7 days. If you don’t absolutely LOVE it, I will refund your money. Just send me an email within the 7-day period showing me that you’ve done the work, and I will refund you, no questions asked.

Let me tell you why I offer this unbeatable guarantee:

My business is built around helping singers achieve the things they thought were impossible, be it singing through your break, finding new high range, or uncovering power you never knew they had. These are all things that allow you to ultimately express yourself more freely as an artist.

I have a track record for helping guys just like yourself to not just get through your break, but to get through it quickly.

That’s the reason why I guarantee The Vocal Break Training Intensive.

Take the course and see for yourself. If you’re not experiencing results within the first 7 days, I want you to email me. Show me that you’ve done the work and put in the practice hours, and I will refund you 100%.

By the way, I ask you to show me you’ve done the practice sessions because I know how powerful they can be. I have no intention of keeping your money if you’re dissatisfied, but the only way to get results is to do the work. I know you’re busy, but if you can’t commit to at least 5 hours per week for 5 weeks, then you shouldn’t join.

But if you’re willing to commit to at least the bare minimum of 5 hours of practice per week, then this course is 100% risk free to try.

My goal is to help you eliminate your break using all the insights I’ve gained over the years. Considering that your break will be completely gone in just 5 weeks, I think this is a pretty fair offer.

Actually, I think it’s a fantastic offer, and I hope you’ll agree.

I want it to be easy for you to get started

That’s why I’ve created a payment plan in addition to my money back guarantee.

The Vocal Break Training Intensive normally costs $397, and considering that it will eliminate the problem of your break for good, I’d consider it a great bargain. But you don’t have to pay that to get started.

Not only will you have a full 7 days to test out the program and experience the results for yourself, but you can get started for just $99. Then you’ll pay $99 per week for the next 4 weeks (5 total payments).

To be totally honest with you, many people start getting through their break within the first week, sometimes even just the first day!

So you’ve got a decision to make. Are you going to continue to deal with this break for the next 5+ years of your life, spendings thousands in vocal programs and voice lessons, only to have no results to show for it? Or are you going to free yourself from this cycle by going with a proven system that’s helped dozens of guys quickly eliminate their break for good?

Pay in full (Save $98)

Questions? Contact me here.