Vocal Technique Links

Vocal Technique Links

The links found in this category will deal primarily with vocal technique, including breathing, support, registration (chest, head, mix, etc.), tensions, straining, and much more. Although many of the links are sites catered primarily to classical singers, much of the information still holds true even if you’re singing contemporary styles of music such as pop, rock, or R&B.

The New Forum for Classical Singers (NFCS)

A message board with over 10 years worth of information on all aspects of singing, from vocal technique to health to technology. The community is comprised of singers, teachers, and professionals alike. Catered primarily to classical singers, there is still a lot of great info on there for those singing contemporary styles. Their new, parallel forum is Classical Voices.

Classical Voices

The new address of NFCS.

Classical Singer General Interest Forum

A message board which is a great archive of information. Frequented by teachers of singing and students, much of the information present is applicable to singers of both classical and contemporary styles.

The Vocalist International Singers Discussion

The precursor to The Vocalist Yahoo! Group. There is an archive with lots of threads on various topics on technique.

The Vocalist Yahoo! Group

A Yahoo! group frequented by teachers of both classical and contemporary methods and many, many students of singing. There is a wealth of almost a decade of information available there, so be sure to use the search function when visiting the site. It is an extension of their original site, Vocalist.org.

Tenor Talk Blog

A vocal technique blog by operatic tenor and teacher Gioacchino “Jack” LiVigni. He has a good ear and is also into vocal science.

Kashu-do (歌手道): The Way of the Singer

A technique blog by operatic tenor and teacher Jean LaFond. He explains a lot of the hows and whys of vocal technique, using quite a bit of vocal science when necessary. He comes with a very open mind, willing to look into areas of vocal technique that are not well understood or ignored.


An Italian message board on singing and vocal technique. There are many good threads on there on both contemporary and classical training, so if you speak Italian, this would be a good resource for you.

Edumus Forum :: Canto

An Italian vocal forum.

Complete Vocal Institute

The web site for the Complete Vocal Technique method. There is some general information available about their method in addition to a forum with several years worth of posts.

The Voice Teacher

Web site of voice teacher David Jones. He has many articles on his web site about vocal technique which he updates occasionally.

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