Skype Singing Lessons for the Total Artist

Skype Singing Lessons

Private singing lessons are a must for anyone looking to develop the most out of their voice in the shortest time possible. While you can learn a lot on your own, there is no substitute for a well-trained external ear. Often times, I can point out something simple that you can correct within a few minutes that would otherwise have taken you months to figure out on your own (if at all). 

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get access to a competent voice teacher near them. That’s where the beauty of Skype singing lessons comes in. You can learn vocal technique from the comfort of your own home no matter where you are at in the world, and still achieve similar results as if you were working face-to-face! Just take a look at some of the case studies like Joshua Keel or Autumn Hart.

What vocal problems can Skype lessons fix?

Skype lessons can help with the following vocal issues. (Note this is not an exhaustive list.)

  • Throat tension
  • Hoarseness/losing your voice
  • Strain on high notes
  • Strain in your chest voice
  • A weak head voice
  • Lack of power
  • Lack of fullness and depth
  • Lack of flexibility and agility
  • Control over dynamics (loud and soft singing)
  • A thin, shrill tone
  • A muddy, muffled tone
  • An inability to sing high notes at all
  • Consistency from day to day
  • Fear of singing near your break
  • Fear of singing in your middle range
  • Inability to apply your technique to actual songs
  • Regaining your joy for singing

How do Skype lessons work?

Skype is free software that is available for computers, tablets, and cell phones. The format has proven to work well, with the audio and video quality being sufficient to conduct a proper singing lesson. Skype also lets me record the call for you, which would allow you to go back and review the points we cover in a lesson at your leisure.

The only requirements for Skype singing lessons are:

  • A free Skype account (just takes minutes to sign up)
  • A broadband connection
  • A mic (the internal mic on your computer is fine)
  • A webcam

If you have a tablet or cell phone that has a camera and a mic, we can also use that for lessons.

Watch a sample Skype singing lesson

Rates and Times

Currently, I teach 1 hour lessons, Monday through Friday, from 10AM-7PM Central Time. (The last lesson starts at 7PM.)

I also teach on Sundays from 10AM-3PM Central Time.

If none of these times work for you, send me an email and I will see if we can work out something.

  • Single Voice Lesson: $150 for 1 hour
  • Package of 5 Lessons: $600 (to be used within 6 weeks of purchase)

If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, it must be done at least 24 hours before your lesson time. Otherwise, it will count as a missed lesson.


What are others saying about Skype Lessons with Marnell?



Marnell gave me the confidence to use my voice fearlessly!

“Before I met Marnell, I had spent several years in vain trying to learn to sing. My voice was almost dead due to incorrect singing techniques I picked up from videos on YouTube. I was struggling to sing even a B3, and my throat would hurt after just singing for 10 minutes!

But then I had a lesson with Marnell and all that changed. Although I was skeptical at first, I decided to give him a shot. I still can’t believe I trusted him, but I’m so happy I did. He did much more than just erase my break — he gave me the confidence to use my voice fearlessly. I am no longer afraid of hurting myself when I sing!”

—Alex B., Russia


Range increased from D4 to C5

“Before starting with Marnell, I could barely sing beyond a D4. After just a few sessions with him, I was vocalizing up to a G4, and within 10 lessons, up to the C5. These notes were only a dream for me before. I went from singing only low baritone roles to using “Live in Living Color” for my auditions. It feels so great to know that I don’t have to shy away from my high range now.”

—Greg B., California


Singing through my break with more power than ever

“I’ve used just about every self-study program, as well as studied with several coaches. Despite that, I still struggled with consistency and power in my voice. Marnell has helped me in these areas tremendously. He was the first teacher who ever got me to really support properly, feeling a strong connection deep into the body. This allowed me to sing through my break area with more power than I’ve ever felt before!”

—Adam M., Canada

The improvement is kind of drastic!

“The girls in my group were amazed at the difference in my voice and the way our voices blend. I really thought it would be a slow, gradual improvement, but it’s kind of drastic! And we sang for two hours and my voice didn’t feel any more fatigued at the end than it did at the beginning and now it’s really healing. I’m excited and now I can really start to develop my voice now that I’m singing from the right place!”

—Annie S., Canada

Now I can sing A above tenor C in full voice without even thinking!

“Marnell is a VERY good teacher. We haven’t been working together for long — maybe I took about 10 lessons. But I feel like I’m literally growing with every lesson. Even the untrained ear can hear it!

He explains everything in a very clear and understandable way so I can practice on my own correctly. He’s very attentive and passionate about what he does. I like that he has a system. It’s not like one lesson we learn about one thing, and then the next lesson we learn about something else without fully engraving what we worked on previously.

Before I met him, I struggled to hit E above tenor high C. Now I can sing A above tenor C in full voice without even thinking! And I know it will even get better.

Thank you, Marnell, for being a good teacher for me “

—Victoria R., Ukraine


How to Get Started

To sign up for a lesson, choose an option from the drop down list below. You will be able to pay with any major credit card or PayPal. After purchasing the lesson(s), you will be taken to a page to schedule your lessons.

Single Voice Lesson


  • One 60 minute lesson
  • Perfect for those who want infrequent lessons
  • Good for brushing up on technique
  • Great for the occasional check in to make sure you’re still on track

5-Package Deal


  • Five (5) 1-hour lessons
  • Saves $150 off the regular price
  • Good for getting the nuances of a song or delving deep into a particular technical issue
  • Can be used for vocal technique or artist development

Questions about Lessons?

If you should have any questions regarding lessons, feel free to email me.