Vocal Health Links

Vocal Health Links

Here you will find links to information on all aspects of vocal health, including how to care for your voice and how to deal with pathologies of the voice. Links to anatomy sites will also be included in this category.


Web site of ENT James Thomas. There are many videos and pictures available in the Media section of the site showing how the vocal folds optimally work in addition to how they work when certain pathologies are present.

Lions Voice Clinic

A web site featuring vocal health issues with an emphasis on singers. The About the Voice section features a great basic anatomy breakdown of the structures in the larynx and how the major muscles involved in vocalization work.

PENTA: Philadelphia Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates

Web site for the vocal team of Dr. Robert Sataloff, one of the top ENT’s in the country for singers. Under the Patient Education section, there are several articles written by his voice team on various aspects of vocal health and preventative care for the professional voice user.

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